Barely a week after the series' original designer Takeshi Miyaji passed away (He also created games like GunGriffon and Grandia while at Game Arts, before he founded G-Mode), a new Silpheed game has hit Android Marketplace.

Titled Silpheed Alternative: Menace From Beyond the Stars, the game was developed by Gung Ho Online Entertainment (Ragnarok DS, Lunar: The Silver Star for PSP) and published by Game Arts, which is headed by Takeshi's brother Yoichi Miyaji.

While Project Sylpheed, Seta and Square Enix's "spiritual sequel" released to Xbox 360 in 2007, transformed the original semi-3D title into a freeform 3D game that let you navigate in any direction, this one looks like it limits your movements in a certain area again.

Silpheed Alternative: Menace From Beyond The Stars is available to buy on Android Market for $3.19.

[Via Kosma]