With its announcement that a demo for Owlboy will release on August 20, D-Pad Studios posted this new trailer for the much-anticipated 2D platformer, which features some amazing pixelart that made the game an Independent Games Festival finalist for the "Excellence in Visual Art" category two years ago.

This game focuses on "the travels of Otus, an apprentice owl, mentored by Asio. When Otus' village is attacked by sky-pirates, Otus is sent out in order to help defend against the pirate attack!" Along the way, he'll meet characters that will help him, find objects for solving puzzles, and pick up hats that grant him special abilities.

Working out of Austin, the seven-man studio is preparing to put out Owlboy on Xbox Live and Windows PCs soon (its release was originally planned for this summer, but I'm unsure if it's slipped since then). After D-Pad ships Owlboy, it will focus on completing its second title, Vikings On Trampolines.

[Via IndieGames.com]