Look at the art in the screenshot above and see if you can tell what kind of game it is. Go on. Give it a guess.

Yes, that telltale semi-realistic blandness could only belong to the dullest and least imaginitive of genres: the hidden object game. Namco has chosen to waste PBS's prized Antiques Roadshow license on Antiques Roadshow: Discovering America's Hidden Treasures, an iOS game released this week in the App Store.

Granted, it's difficult to come up with a game concept based on a television show about antique appraisal, but come on. An Antiques Roadshow game could be a puzzle-platformer in which you traverse dangerous garages to dig out old baseball cards. Maybe you could play as an appraiser, attempting to impress customers with your knowledge of Civil War weaponry. It could even be a trivia game in which players must correctly guess the highest-valued item among a collection of junk.

But no. Instead, Antiques Roadshow is a hidden object game in which the main character searches for valuables in a number of boring locales throughout the United States. The Roadshow itself take a backseat to a narrative that eventually devolves into crypt raiding and the unraveling of "the mystery behind the ultimate treasure hunt." What? Even the Pawn Stars Facebook game has more love for its source material than this!