As a fan of console spokespeople/superheroes like Segata Sanshiro and Johnny Turbo, it breaks my heart to see the Xbox 360's Japanese mascot San Roku Maru unceremoniously laid to rest. But that's exactly what has happened, according to a report from Andriasang.

San Roku Maru, along with his pals Division Chief Izawa and Coworker Morito, were presumably laid off following the conclusion of Microsoft's "Xbox Special Division" Japanese ad campaign, and the world is now a less joyful place to live in.

What kills me about this is the ignobility of it all. While Segata Sanshiro died a hero's death protecting his beloved Sega and the Johnny Turbo ad campaign at least had the decency to end with a bizarre dream sequence, the Xbox Special Division receives no such closure. What do San Roku Maru and friends get for a year and a half of loyal service and ads like this one? A severance tweet. That's cold. That's cold as ice.