If one was to create a physical installation of Bennett Foddy's GIRP, how would that work exactly? Especially if one was on a boat? That's precisely the challenge that the Copenhagen Game Collective had to conquer for their ARCADE BOAT party this past May.

Which they did quite brilliantly. Given the fact that recreating the act up climbing up the side of seaside cliff in the real world would not only be extremely difficult, but not fun to play either, the answer was simple: take the act of moving vertically and make it horizontal. The end result is somewhat of a spin on the classic party game Twister, with the help of several Dance Dance Revolution pads stitched together.

The key difference is how flex is implemented. Instead of applying pressure on a keyboard of bouse button, one must hit a dedicated spot in the center of the pads first before being able to advance. One also needs to constantly look up at a screen to see what next letter can be selected. Just like the original, "the installation is intended to be somewhat, physically awkward."

Also worth noting is the all-star assemblage of folks who helped put it together, including Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren and Brandon Boyer! One has to wonder if a multiplayer version is in the works (or was already entertained, but axed for various reasons).