Spanish developer Locomalito (Hydorah, Abbaye des Morts), one of my favorite indie game makers, recently revealed his latest project, Maldita Castila, an action-arcade game paying homage to sidescrollers like Ghost'n'Goblins, Tiger Road, Black Tiger, Shinobi, Rygar, Karnov, Trojan.

The sidescroller also takes influences from Spanish Medieval paintings and places, as well as Amadis of Gaul, which Locomalito calls "the best chivalry book ever made" -- I'm unfamiliar with the source materials, but I'm very interested to see the kind of game they inspire!

In the game, players guide the hero, Don Ramiro through "the condemned land Tolomera del Rey, and expel the evil that cursed the Kingdom of Castile". Locomalito is once again working with Gryzor87, who composed the soundtracks for Hydorah and other titles, for the music.

"Even though many of us like arcade action games and medieval chivalry tales, there are not many games that combine these two things (except the brilliant Ghost'n'Goblins)," says Locomalito. So I thought, WTF!, I'm going to make one with all the stuff I like! :-)

There's no word on when Maldita Castila will release, but you can download a Windows PC demo for it now.