Online art collective Famicon (creator of Bart the General, among other works) has launched SWASHBUCKEL UR SEATBELTS, an Xbox Live Indie Games release that defies easy description.

In the half hour I spent with SWASHBUCKEL UR SEATBELTS, I drove a car up the side of a building, evaded police vehicles in a rooftop chase, and accidentally shot a pirate (which I shouldn't have done, because rapping was in progress). If pop surrealism didn't exist in games before, it sure as hell does now.

A companion piece, GHXYK2 Classics Vol. 1, is also available on XBLIG, and it's equally baffling/awesome. If you want to see more of this sort of thing, Famicon's YouTube channel is full of similar stuff, including MyZaza, which I can only hope is destined for an Xbox Live Indie Games port.