Rappers have been sampling game music for years. An excellent example, the most popular one in fact, is "Proto Culture" by Del tha Funkee Homosapien. And for good reason; it's absolutely amazing. Though as an Eminem fan back in the day, allow me to present "Hellbound" as further supporting evidence. Warning: NSFW lyrics (which is par for the course for the guy, really).

Anyhow, generally speaking, the games that are selected are usually mainstream and popular. Which makes Lil Wayne's sampling of Jim Guthrie's The Cloud, from Sword & Sworcery EP, all the more curious. It can be heard in the just released song "She Will" (again, NSFW), which is part of his long-awaited release The Carter IV.

Which thus begs the question: is Wayne a fan of the game? Possibly. Or at the very least, someone on his production team is. But the real question is if Guthrie was asked permission, and it would seem the answer is a resounding no.

[via Touch Arcade]