Well, this is it. This is the worst video game. Sonic 2006? A relative triumph. Superman 64? Downright enjoyable in comparison. Even Cheetahmen II's got nothing on The Town with No Name, a barely-interactive CD-ROM adventure game released exclusively for the Commodore CDTV.

Retsupurae does its damndest to make sense of this D.U.N.E.-made travesty in its latest full-game commentary track, but there's only so much that can be salvaged from something so inexplicable and awful. The occasional stabs at self-awareness only make the whole endeavor more confusing.

Interestingly, the featured longplay is actually incomplete; commentors note that the player missed several sequences and didn't get the best ending. I'm half-tempted to try and record a full playthrough myself, if one doesn't already exist. But is it worth the immense personal cost? Would I still be the same person after I've seen all there is to see in The Town with No Name?