As shoot-'em-up fans continue to wait for Radiant Silvergun's impending Xbox Live Arcade release, WiiWare developer Microfilm hopes to win over a chunk of Treasure's fanbase with Kyotokei, a horizontally scrolling shooter with gameplay mechanics lifted from Ikaruga.

As far as clones go, this one's pretty straightforward. Ikaruga's polarity mechanic is reproduced in full -- bullets of the same color cause no damage to the player, and shots do double damage to opposite-colored enemies. Kyotokei even goes so far as to copy many of the same bullet types and patterns directly from Treasure's game.

Still, Ikaruga was an all-too-brief experience, and the core mechanics warrant further exploration...even if it's in a game created by the same people who did Enjoy your massage! Kyotokei launches for WiiWare on August 18th.