Even if, like me, your knowledge of StarCraft II doesn't extend beyond knowing the franchise's three primary races, you can still get a ton of enjoyment out of this video watching some of the real-time strategy game's best players trying to teach an American "Platinum League" player.

The instructors here are members from renown, professional Korean SCII team SlayerS, with most of the advice coming from the group's distinctive coach Hong "Cella" Seung Pyo and Protoss player Yang "Alicia" Joon Sik. The American player getting schooled here is Joseph "Pocketsocks" Jen.

Now, it takes a while for the video to pick up (the first "no no nonononono"s come around 4:05), but it picks up around the 10:30 mark as everyone yells out advice during battles, Pocketsocks tries to understand the thickly accented instructions, and you can hear the despair in the teachers' voices.

I'm unsure how you arrange one of these lessons, but if you've got the cash to pay and want to live out the same hilarity, you could probably contact Cella to coach you through a match filled with "no no nonononono"s, too!

[Via Crimson_]