It's genuinely impressive how the aforementioned Super Mario Bros: The Movie Archive has been able to dig up so much oddball, behind the scenes dirt on gaming's most bizarre big screen adaptation. Case in point: a recently highlighted by GoNintendo interview with Parker Bennett, one half of the screenwriting duo.

The exhaustively long conversation reveals, among many things, his efforts to cram in as many references to assorted Mario games as possible. Including an abandoned golfing scene in the desert, a nod to NES Open Tournament Golf. Another more obvious one was coin boxes attached to phone booths that dispensed change when punched. Too bad the directors were not concerned with staying close to the source material.

Though much of the talk centers on the troubled production, which had gone way over budget by the time him and his partner were brought onboard. When addressing attempted to shorten dialogue, in an effort to cut as much fat whenever possible:

"... We did it to the point where Dennis Hopper was hollering at me because I cut some lines of his. Like for half-an-hour he was hollering at me and made Terry and me look up the word "act" in the dictionary. I don't remember the scene, but it definitely was one of his bigger speeches that we trimmed. And yes, he actually had a dictionary out and we looked it up!

At that point, we were taking one for the team. Dennis needed to vent, and not that he wasn't right. It's just that we were told by the producers that our job was to cut, and once Dennis had committed something to memory he didn't want to do it again. And things were very stressful at that point. When we showed up it was about halfway through the shoot and it had been a long shoot under really difficult circumstances..."

One has to wonder what Hopper's thoughts on the movie were, after all was said and done. Hopefully it was more positive than the film's star; Bob Hoskins recently went on record to state that it's the worst job he's ever had. Heck, even the Bennett's mother told him that it was the worst movie she had ever seen. Yikes.