Last we heard of the former high ranking Capcom official and creator of Mega Man was his upcoming guest appearance in Neptunia Mk2. Well, turns out, he's also working with Compile Heart's Idea Factory on Bakudan Handan, which translates to Bomb Judgment according to Siliconera. It's also a romantic adventure game aimed at girls.

The plot sounds pretty amazing: the setting is an amusement park that's been taken over by a maniac in a bear suit who threatening to blow the whole place up. Your job is to solve the mystery behind the crisis, and also flirt with good looking dudes along the way.

Inafune is part of the cast once again, but instead of being someone you'll hope to swap spit with, he plays the role of your uncle, lending advice. Oh well. It's also been reported that Inafune's also designing the game's theme park, which will be chock full of video game themed attractions.

Bakudan Handan/Bomb Judgment is for the PSP, sometime in 2012.