Game Dev Story makers Kairosoft has put out yet another mobile sim, this time tasking players with managing "a towering mall of mega proportions". In Mega Mall Story, players are out to build the ultimate shopping center.

Along with adding all kinds of shops (e.g. shoe stores, book stores, hair salons), players oversee restaurants, escalators/elevators, restrooms, and more in the multi-level mall. They can even add a heliport for, um.... Why do malls need heliports again?

As players increase the popularity of their malls, they will trigger "Fever" that will send a flood of shoppers in. They'll also be able to invest in the surrounding area, "bringing in even more customers and being a good citizen at the same time".

If you still haven't gotten enough of Kairosoft's sims with Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story, and Pocket Academy (and Grand Prix Story on Android), you can buy Mega Mall Story on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad for $3.99.