The critically and commercially acclaimed, as well as IGF nominated, Joe Danger is getting a follow up called Joe Danger: The Movie. Sean Murray, the managing director at Hello Games, states in the press release that broke the news:

"... It's kind of a sequel to Joe Danger, but it's also something entirely new. I guess I would say that the entire gameplay experience of Joe Danger on PSN, would be just one short scene in this new game.

Joe has become a success by the end of the first game, and this one starts with him being discovered by a mysterious Hollywood director. Picture every film you've ever loved as a kid, from Rambo to Short Circuit to the Goonies, all cut together into some crazy montage, and that's basically the script for our game."

Basically, players will get the chance to create their own movie, scene by scene, and dictate the stunts of its star. Perhaps there will be the option to share your creations with others as well? Details are being tightly guarded at the moment, but if the teaser image above is any indication, at least we know already that Joe will be doing a lot more than just riding a bike.

Hello Games will spill the beans, including what platform it'll end up on, at Gamescom Cologne next week and PAX Prime the week after.