If you're looking to add a little Mario-flavored spice to your board game nights, Japanese publisher Media Factory might have just the thing you need. "Super Mario Balance Block" is a Jenga variant that replaces the game's standard wooden blocks with familiar scenery from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. series.

Included in the package: a dozen destructible blocks, a dozen unbreakable bricks, and a dozen question mark blocks, along with eight irregular super mushroom pieces that are bound to doom many a Mario tower. The game also includes a stick with a little plastic Mario at the end, frozen in his classic fist-in-the-air pose. Remember, as Nester taught us, you're supposed to break Mushroom Kingdom blocks with your hand, not with your head.

The set retails for 2,500 yen, and is set to be released in November. Game Swag has a list of sites currently taking preorders.

[via Joystiq]