Though they likely could have just stayed at home to watch livestreams from the event on their computers, many of Japan's fighting game fans gathered instead at a public party hosted by God's Garden (which holds its own huge fighting game tournaments) in Tokyo to watch the show.

In this video from the event, you can just feel the tension in the room as everyone watches one of the last Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition matches of the tournament, Fuudo playing as Fei Long and making a comeback against PoongKO's Seth.

Background on this match: PoongKO, representing Korea, had just defeated Japan's Daigo Umehara, who was favored to win the whole thing. Obviously there's national pride at stake here, and many of the watchers likely rooted for Fuudo to avenge his fellow countryman and bring the championship home.

Fuudo went on to take first place in the SSFIV AE tournament, also ending Arizona-based Latif's murder spree against Japan's top-tier players. For those wondering how this guy came out of nowhere to win it all, he's actually been in the fighting game scene for some time now.

The reason why many might not know of Fuudo is, previous to Evo2K11, he was mostly known for his prowess in Virtua Fighter, not Street Fighter. In fact, many Virtua Fighter fans are now bragging that it was Fuudo's skills honed in VF that allowed him to dominate SSFIV AE.

After the break, you can see a photo of Japanese members from the local Virtua Fighter scene, all celebrating Fuudo's victory over the SSFIV tyrants. The text essentially reads, "Fuudo! Congratulations!"

[Via Pirateben, Marathonfool]