Retro emulation specialist DotEmu continues its campaign to bring Jaleco's arcade catalog to iOS devices, following up on its previous releases P-47, Avenging Spirit, and 64th Street with the 1990 platformer Rod Land, which is set to arrive in the App Store on September 6th.

Though much of Jaleco's arcade output was pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, Rod Land stands out as a fun and original effort. While it shares many surface similarities with other single-screen action games like Bubble Bobble, the play mechanics are fairly unique; players lack the ability to jump, but have powerful attack options and the ability to create ladders to higher platforms.

1UP posted a gameplay video of the arcade version fairly recently, which should tell you everything else you need to know about the game in advance of its App Store arrival. Rod Land is set to launch for $1.99, and will feature Game Center leaderboards and achievements.