With Microsoft's Summer of Arcade initiative for XBLA winding down, the focus will soon shift towards the Indie Games section. The schedule for the aforementioned Indie Games Summer Uprising has finally been disclosed, and it's pretty packed.

Unlike Summer of Arcade's once a week output, there's a new game for every Monday through Friday for two weeks:

8/22 - Raventhorne
8/23 - Battle High: San Bruno
8/24 - Cute Things Dying Violently
8/25 - T.E.C. 3001
8/26 - Doom and Destiny

8/29 - Take Arms
8/30 - SpeedRunner HD
8/31 - Train Frontier Express
9/1 - Fan vote #1
9/2 - Fan vote #2

Another date worth noting is this upcoming Tuesday the 16th; that when the #IGSU Twitter Chat will take place, at 9pm EST, offering a chance for those interest to speak directly with the developers, organizers, even journalists in a roundtable fashion.

That's also when the two final fan voted winners will take place; there's still a chance to vote via the IGSU Facebook page, but only until this Monday the 15th. The poll closes at 1pm EST sharp.