Due to technical reasons, I am unable to play PC games at the moment; Windows 7 was an early casualty in my seemingly never-ending war with OS 10.7/Lion. Easily the worst part by far is how I'm unable to enjoy the latest from Stephen Thecatamites, Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder Dog.

As the title implies, you're a dog and also a murder. On trial for literally thousands of deaths that you feel zero remorse for, the goal is to defend yourself and avoid punishment. Thankfully, a mountain of legal and moral loopholes exist to be exploited. The end result is the pure insanity that Thecatamites's games have become known for, infused with social commentary. Which means he's created a legit educational game of sorts!

Produced in less than two weeks for a game pageant at Super Friendship Club, the equally insane and ultra obscure JRPG Psychic War: Cosmic War (known for it's tug-of-war fight mechanic) was a source of inspiration, mostly the GUI. Believe it or not, previous installments of Murder Dog does exist, somewhat; part one was a collaboration with the folks behind Shut Up & Jam: Gaiden, part two was never completed, and part three was simply skipped because number four sounded funnier.

Those interested can nab a copy here. Till I get my machine in order, I'll have to live vicariously through other players' feedback, like this on Rock, Paper, Shotgun: "There is no winning. Just levels of defeat."