I attended an outdoor wedding reception over the weekend that featured air boat rides and a giant slip-n-slide among other entertainment options, which I thought were unusual, but the post-marriage party that IAM/KLOV forumer MonsterBash looks even more unconventional.

Last month, he and his new wife accommodated the 120 guests attending their wedding reception with a small game center in his father-in-law's backyard, setting up a variety of pinball and arcade machines on the grass under a canopy.

Some of the cabinets included Millipede and Robotron, while the pinball machines offered were Family Guy and World Poker Tour. And even if you weren't interested in playing games and just wanted to hang out, there were drinks, a popcorn popper, and some lawn furniture.

"At least with a game room like this being present the significant other knows for sure what they are getting into," says MonsterBash. "Our best wishes to the happy couple, may their days of arcade collecting be long and bright with plenty of space to house the games in."

He added, "It was about a perfect mix. The arcade had some attention, just about the right amount not to detract from the main tents and wedding. But, almost every game had someone on it throughout the night. "

[Via Arcade Heroes]