"Colorful Block?!!! Colorful Bubble??!!! OH,NO!!!!! This is a PUZZLE GAME?!!! BUT I AM ACTION HERO!!! I HATE PUZZLE!!!"

In the new iOS game I Hate Puzzle, an unfortunate (and punctuation-abusing) action hero has found himself trapped in one of those godforsaken puzzle games. Your only options in the war against armies of invading blocks and Puzzle Bobble-styled bubbles? Running, jumping, and shooting.

I love the concept here -- it's a genre mismatch you'd find in something like ROM CHECK FAIL, but with a tighter gameplay focus. I Hate Puzzle includes five unlockable characters and a selection of Game Center achievements..

[Edit: As our readers have pointed out, this is a straight-up clone of Andrew Morrish's Flash game Super Puzzle Platformer, with a few tweaks. What's more, the same developer also previously released App Store clones of Halfbot's The Blocks Cometh and Pekka Kujansuu's Tiny Hawk. This is unfortunate indeed.]