Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai looks a lot less like the traditional Cabela games you might be used to (e.g. Big Game Hunter, Dangerous Hunts) and morel like Naughty Dog's thid-person action series Uncharted.

The game puts you in the shoes of pilot Logan James, who's survived a plane crash in "a remote corner of the Alaskan high country", and must make it out of the wilderness to civilization while fending off "Deadly predators and the frigid elements of nature.".

You'll pick up firearms and gear along the way (what's all this stuff doing lying around in the Alaskan high country" as you trek through "mountain peaks, icy cliff side trails, dense forests, frozen rivers, and huge uncharted caverns."

Shadows of Katmai will release on November 1 with game-only options for Xbox, PS3, and Wii, as well as bundles that include a Top Shot Elite "revolutionary hunting peripheral" for $30 more.