Us Game Boy Camera fanatics all love the ultra low-fi, yet profoundly rich imagery the thing produces. But we also hate how options to save those pictures are nil; if you're lucky enough to own a Game Boy Printer, you must then deal with every roll of dedicated paper being rotten at this point. Sure it can be replicated via thermal tape, but one still wishes there were alternatives.

There used to be a cable that transferred images onto a PC, but it's hard to come by and doesn't work anyway, at least not in this post Windows 95/98 world. Is there no hope then? Well, now there is, thanks to James Umber's handy guide. The process isn't exactly a breeze, but at least the tools are relatively easy to come by.

It's accomplished with InterAct's Mega Memory Card, any GB compatible flash cart, and software (GBCamera Dump was cited as one of the best). Now one can definitely prove to their pals with iPhone apps that emulate the GB Camera's look that nothing beats the original.

[via boringlesbian]