Remember that game in which youassume the role of a morally reprehensible canine that's part Crime and Punishment and part Phoenix Wright? Well, the community that spawned that particular effort recently gave birth to Hide. It's equally low-fi, as well as equally compelling.

With absolute zero context and the barest of controls, you're thrust into a chilly, barren wasteland in the dead of night. One must navigate the woods while avoiding mysterious figures armed with lights; the goal to find five spots within the environment. Why, nor what happens if the mission is accomplished, I'm not entirely aware of (yet).

The controls are tricky; tapping the up arrow key will let you to sprint, but it's hard to build up speed or maintain a rhythm due to the uneven, snow-covered ground. Yet the atmosphere is absolutely chilling, so you will definitely trudge on. You'll even find yourself stupidly confronting danger more than avoiding it, due to the intense need to find out what the hell is going on. Either that or I'm just playing it all wrong. Hide works on both PC and Mac, and can be nabbed here.

[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]