Given Dragon Quest's immense popularity in Japan for decades now, it's a bit of a shock to hear that, aside from a couple of books, manga, and anime adaptations from mostly the early to mid 90s, not much else has been done with the franchise. Nothing live-action at least. But all that finally changed once The Hero Yoshihiko and the Devil King's Castle hit late night Japanese airwaves about a month and a half ago.

More of a comedic parody than straight-forward, literal translation, the show stars a young warrior named Yoshihiko who sports more than a passing resemblance to the lead in Dragon Quest V, blue turban and all. Armed with only a sword and a pair of 3D glasses(?), he leaves his humble village to stop a plague that threatens his entire land, and gets in all sorts of adventures along the way.

Yoshihiko also ends up joining forces with a sassy warrior girl, a guy that's clearly seen much action on the battlefield, and a completely inept wizard. Just like in the game! Oh, and Buddha plays some kind of role as well. The chances of this series coming to America is pretty much zilch, but those into Japanese television can find episodes if they know where to look (fan subbers are apparently all the way up to episode 4).

While not a monster hit, it's been popular enough to warrant recognition at the most recent Comiket in the form of costly, which is always a good sign. itIt's also worth noting that Square Enix, while not directly involved in its production, is still firmly behind the program.

[via Siliconera]