Each year at Finland's preeminent demoscene and LAN party, known to those in the know as ASSEMBLY, they hold a game creation contest known as the GameDev Compo. And this year saw two standouts entries.

First is Black Belt Sorvi Hero by Pizzalaatikko, which is all about woodcarving. Not only can one use traditional tools but also a lightsaber as well! Also, the Linux Penguin has a guest starring role. For those interested, a copy can be acquired here.

Then you have Type Hard by Team Meat Grinder, which takes its cues from Typing of the Dead. But instead of repeating words to fend off flesh hungry zombies, you're a security guard at ASSEMBLY, overseeing the GameDev Compo no less.

It's your job to ensure a relatively quiet atmosphere that's conducive to coding, which means telling the loudmouth Counterstrike players to zip it. Again, by repeating what they say. A Windows version of Type Hard can be found here, with one for the Mac coming soon. Footage can be seen after the cut.