Released initially for iOS platforms earlier this year, Nyarlu Labs' Forget-Me-Not is now available as a free download for PC and Mac.

A traditional arcade game (in the sense that it's a single-screen action game, not that it was released in arcades), Forget-Me-Not is a fun little title in which players navigate mazes, shoot enemies, and collect all sorts of colorful doodads. The video above says basically all you need to know; the gameplay actually has surprising depth, despite its simple-seeming premise.

The PC version also boasts an array of improvements over the iOS edition. "It's the same basic game as the iOS version, but tweaked.. a bit harder, faster, more balanced," says developer Brandon at Nyarlu Labs. "It's meant to be more arcadey. It has a few new enemies, things-that-happen, and MORE FRUIT. Now you can play with joysticks in front of the telly, yay!"