Grasshopper Manufacture's shoot'em up Sine Mora might not have the same excitement behind it as the company's cheerleader/zombie game Lollipop Chainsaw, but the PSN/XBLA title is a totally different experience from Suda and friends, and thus the more interesting one to me.

Co-developed by Budapest-based Digital Reality (Imperium Galactica series), Sine Mora is a "diesel punk" shmup set in a fantasy world filled with floating tentacled, beam-shooting robots, giant trains that seem to haul around entire towns on its back, and planes that can fly underwater.

Digital Reality, which is doing most of the heavy lifting on the project, posted this first trailer, and while it doesn't show much of the game's action, there's a hint of Sine Mora's time-manipulation mechanics in the narration: "What would you do if you knew exactly how much time you had left?"

Sine Mora is scheduled to release this winter, with audio provided by former Silent Hill sound director/producer Akira Yamaoka.

[Via @shmups]