After Mr. Jibaku's initial attempts to get his little boy out of bed at 9:30 AM failed, he grabbed a video camera and a water pistol, broke into his own rendition of Doom's theme song, and stormed into his son's room to wake his son's butt up.

There are so many things to love in this cute video: the fireball-throwing imp (or the uninterested puppy, to the untrained eye) that greets Mr. Jibaku, the accurate bobbing of the weapon as he moves around, and of course, his son half-hanging off the mattress with its Cars sheets.

"Dadada dadoodoo dadoodoo dadoodoo dadoodoo dadada dadoodoo dadoodoo, wake up sooonnnn. Dadada dadoodoo dadoodoo dadoodoo dadoodoo, you've been in bed way too long."

[Via thekingoflapland]