I realize some consider Pr ROG's Tron Bonne assisted comeback from this past EVO the new greatest moment ever (it's the very last clip here, for those who somehow missed it), but I still feel Daigo Umehara's from 2004 is still tops.

Hence why I dig the recreation via Mega Man sprites above, though even I'll admit that it lacks some of the oomph from the original clip. The absence of the picture in picture of the crowd is why, but at least pixelated (and also clearly defeated/humiliated) Justin Wong is kind of hilarious.

In other news, it was recently revealed that EVO 2011's 8-year-old sensation, Noah Solis, has become the latest member of The Traveling Circus. Not only they sponsor his future fights, but he'll also design a line of attire for them as well.

[via Game Informer]