I've featured a ton of videos here already from Evo 2K11, but most were clips of monumental matches and competitors at the annual fighting game tournament series; this video here focuses instead on the thousands of fans that showed up to watch last month's event at Las Vegas.

Former 1UP'er Richard Li put together this piece (and last year's excellent "Heart of Gold" video), which gives you a look at the final hours of the show, as everyone gathers to watch the exciting grand finals for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

"I concentrated mainly on the reaction of the crowd, and the subtle and not so subtle gestures performed by the players and the spectators who were'caught in the moment'," explains Li.

He adds, "I feel most vids about tournaments focus too much on the players themselves, and are framed as boring portrait shots, too close to the face, uninteresting in design. In Moments 2011, the best parts were always the unintended ones built on spontaneity."

You can watch two more videos Li produced from Evo 2K11, "Hype" and "Community", after the break: