Eyehook Games has released Cursed Loot, an upgraded version of its Xbox Live Indie Games roguelike Epic Dungeon with a new character class and a variety of new features.

Along with the returning Berserker, Shaman, Gambler, and Tinkerer classes, Cursed Loot introduces the Goblin class, which specializes in a health-regenerating skill. The update also introduces unlockable "awardments," along with upgradable stealth, perception, and stat boost abilities.

The upgrade was initially planned as an Epic Dungeon title update, but due to legal and business reasons the original game had to be pulled from the Xbox Marketplace and replaced with Cursed Loot. Unfortunately, this also means that Epic Dungeon purchasers will need to rebuy the game in order to get the new content...though considering that both games cost a dollar apiece, it's not exactly a big deal.