Elevator Action is great and all -- and next week's HD remake Elevator Action Deluxe is way overdue -- but if you've never played Taito's 1994 follow-up Elevator Action Returns, you're really missing out, man.

YouTube user sciaca89 adequately sums up why Elevator Action's sequel was one of the best arcade games of the '90s in the action-packed single-level playthrough above. The dramatic zoom-in replays are very much appreciated; the annoying sound bites, less so. Still, there's lots of greatness to be seen here, and the sheer variety of enemy deaths remains impressive.

Elevator Action Deluxe also seems to be shaping up nicely judging by Square Enix's newest gameplay trailer, which you can see after the jump below. I still want a rerelease for Elevator Action Returns, though!

[via @sasuraiger]