Over the years, only a small handful of Sega Genesis soundtracks have received the due that they so richly deserve. Thankfully that's changed in recent times, and Treasure's Dynamite Headdy is finally getting some overdue time in the spotlight.

Dj Mokram and Nitro Game Injection has put together Dynamite Headdy: Secret Bonus Point. It tells the tale told in the game, via 26 arrangements, spread across 4 different acts. It's a fairly ambitious tribute, with an incredibly diverse range of musical approaches, including hardcore. Check it out for yourself here.

Meanwhile, Original Sound Version recently highlighted yet another awesome sounding official release from Sega. Last Action Heroes recounts the music from Pulseman, Virtua Racing, Ristar, and Comix Zone.

OSV's Jayson Napolitano asks multiple times if the inclusion of VR is valid, but I'm totally down. Mostly since it more than demonstrated the powerhouse that the Mega Drive/Genesis was, albeit differently than the other titles.

Ristar's presence is also very much welcome, which was composed by the same team that would create the groundbreaking audio to NiGHTS on Saturn. The packaging is also exemplarily, on par with Wave Master's previous releases. Unfortunately, neither Play-Asia or NCSX seems to be carrying it, which means eBay might be the only option for the time being.