Levi "Doctor Octoroc" Buffum, whom we are big fans of around here, has once again demonstrated his knack for taking pop culture artifacts and giving them a NES/SNES makeover. Though this time he's teamed up with LA based The Fine Brothers to satirize everyone's favorite teen sitcom, provided they grew up in the 90s, Saved By The Bell.

In addition to the Mother/Earthbound vibe, the key selling point here is how it's semi-interactive. As Zack, you must help solve everyone's problems, just like in the show: Screech needs wants to be cool, Jesse's having problems balancing both school and singing, plus Kelly can't go to the prom with you because her dad got laid off. Fans of the show should also recognize the dilemmas, especially Jesse's. Which leads directly to [SPOILERS] that epic meltdown of hers.

It's also worth noting that Doctor Octoroc has been on an interactive kick as of late. For those who missed them, he's also done the same for Twilight and Harry Potter, though they're more 8 than 16-bits. Both are playable after the cut.

As a total aside, and back to Saved By The Bell, back when I was making games, I had at one point was piecing together a RPG based upon Charles In Charge. Essentially a series of "what if" scenarios, many of the adventures that Charles went through with the Powells had to be reenacted with the Pembrokes instead.

I sprinkled in plenty of other elements that bridged the two families together as well. Wasn't green-lit, but the fact that it was an actual project for even a small amount of time is still a very long feather in my game design cap.

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