It might look like a mellow board/strategy game, played out with symbols on colorful maps, but Diamond Trust of London's themes are very dark, challenging players to take control of Africa's blood diamond market before the United Nations can regulate the trade.

So, it's fitting that developer Jason Rohrer (Passage, Sleep is Death) went in a sinister direction for the soundtrack, as evidenced here by the two "musical sketches" created by composer Tom Bailey of "bio electro indie duo" Delcroy.

"My music engine is loop based, and to develop songs for it, Tom has been putting together brief music sketches for each potential song, like musical reference points," explains Rohrer on Diamond Trust of London's official blog.

"He then builds loop sets for the music engine using each sketch as a guide. After that, he can hear his music made dynamic and interactive by the music engine and tweak the loop set as needed."

If Diamond Trust of Trust's music sounds anything like this when the game finally ships (like later this year via a limited edition Amazon release), count me in for a day-one purchase. Let's hope a soundtrack release is also forthcoming.

[Thanks, Ryan D.!]