For those of you who spent the weekend away from your computers, D-Pad Studios released its promised demo for 2D platformer Owlboy on Saturday, finally giving us all a taste of the project that was a finalist for the Independent Games Festival' "Excellence in Visual Art" category two years ago for its splendid pixelart.

Owlboy Demo v1.0 "starts off right after the pirates have attacked Otus's home village, Vellie. Otus and Geddy are approaching the 'Owl Temple', in order to find the 'Wind Machine', which will help prevent another pirate attack." Just watch the demo launch trailer above, and you'll soon see this is a game you'l want to try out.

D-Pad Studios originally scheduled Owlboy to ship for Xbox Live Arcade and Windows PCs (this demo is Windows-only) some time this year, but considering we don't have a release date yet, I wouldn't be surprised if this slipped to later this year.