When I promoted the "Arcade" game event hosted by NYC's Museum of Modern Art and curated by Kill Screen last week, I mentioned that there was a special tote bag given away to attendees in limited numbers -- I didn't feel so bad about missing out, since I didn't see a pic of the item.

It turns out that the bag featured custom-designed, houndstooth-style patterns of Commander Video, hero of Gaijin Games' rhythm/action WiiWare series Bit.Trip (one of the featured titles at the MoMA show), designed by EXP/The Controller publisher Cory Schmitz!

So, I was a little jealous that I didn't get to attend after reading Motherboard's great write-up, but now that I know I missed out on this, I'm super jelly. You can see a couple more color variations of the Schmitz-designed tote bag after the break: