YouTube user rickonami, as one might gather from his handle, is a fan of Gradius, Castlevania, and the like. He's also handy with computers, hence what you see above, a modern day update on the classic intro to Gradius 2 for PC Engine.

It's quite classy; the polygons are expertly rendered to retain the look and feel of the original sprites. Sure he could have gone crazy with the details, but I actually prefer the somewhat soft/blurry look of the Vic Viper. It's sorta Dreamcast-ish.

After the cut is another clip that more folks might be able to appreciate, simply because redoes the intro to something that was readily available in the US: Gradius 3 for the SNES. He also has a Castlevania clip on his channel, but that's about it. Hopefully more are forthcoming!

[via GoNintendo]