In a move that's somewhat rare for a Japanese game company, Cave recently addressed their foreign fanbase by touching upon a wide variety of points, via their English Facebook page. Though it's mostly unused excerpts from a recent interview that concentrated on their mobile and social games.

Regarding their domestic console business, they're actually changing the name of the company to Cave Interactive Co. Ltd. Why? Because some foreigners have asked "Is that a cliff-diving spot or something?" Meanwhile, despite the 360's marketshare in Japan being about 30% the size of the PS3's, they feel there's still a sold enough user base to keep supporting.

Unfortunately, things are not so rosy on the arcade side of things. According to COO Mikio Watanabe: "It's disappointing, but arcade games already do not make sense from a business perspective." Yet they will continue to produce offerings on that end, since it's such an effective marketing tool.

They also ask all overseas arcade fans to import boards via mail order. Simply because: "If we sell 500 copies, we can make a new arcade shooter." Furthermore, their homepage has also been (mostly) translated into English and will continue to support international fans via social media.

"Our English-speaking staff read what you write and pass that on to the creators here" sez Watanabe. Unfortunately, no further word of any future projects, or possible PS3 support, was address or hinted at.