Supergiant Games has put out a digital version of its original soundtrack for Bastion, the newly released (on XBLA, coming to PC soon) action RPG that's won the hearts of so many already with its unique dynamic narration, visual flair, and thoughtful level designs.

The album, which you can stream for free or buy for $10, features 22 tracks, an hour of "acoustic frontier trip-hop" music from Bastion composed by Darren Korb, plus two bonus tracks: a new narrated intro and "The Pantheon (Aint Gonna Catch You)".

There will also be a disc version for the OST with a "full-color four-panel Green Wallet pack" that will premiere at PAX later this month with Korb and Supergiant's team signing copies. Non-PAX attendees can order one for $15, and have theirs shipped/signed in September.