Konami has tasked iOS developer Revolutionary Concepts with remaking its arcade classic Frogger, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The result, Frogger Decades will debut in the App Store this Thursday.

While Frogger is no stranger to remakes, Konami's selection of Revolutionary Concepts as developer is a canny decision. Revolutionary Concepts previously created Banzai Rabbit, a revamped iOS take on the Frogger formula that, at one point, actually starred a frog character. The game was recast and retitled before release, due to concerns that it was too similar to Konami's game, though its gameplay remained unchanged.

Konami was apparently so impressed by Revolutionary Concepts' creation that the team was contacted for Frogger Decades, which Touch Arcade seems to like quite a bit. Frogger Decades will debut as a universal app this week for $1.99.