Alongside the trailer to Beyond The Game, EVO 2011 attendees were also treated to a screening of Balrog: Behind the Glory, a mockumentary that details the rise and fall of one the not as popular faces from the Street Fighter franchise.

Similar efforts are a dime a dozen, especially in the world of video games, so aside from the curious choice of subject matter, what makes this particular example noteworthy? Well, one would be hard pressed to find another that's as high quality from top to bottom.

From the strong performances of all the actors, especially the man portraying his father (who aside from playing it completely straight, brings actual heart into his role), to the attention to details (the handling of his multiple names is especially done well), along with how he's inserted into the real world (with guest appearance by Arsenio Hall). It's all truly good stuff.

It's all the more impressive when compared to Capcom's efforts at producing movies starring the World Warriors. The first was a cartoony mess that relegated the boxer as a cameraperson, and the second attempted a more serious route, with slightly better but still not quite decent results (which Balrog wasn't even in). Overall, a superb effort from Chubby Boy Films.