Remember the days in which, if one wanted to excel at a fighting game, one would practice by having both a controller your hand and a strategy guide in your lap? The advent of the internet certainly changed all that, but trying to figure out combos that are illustrated in ASCII on GameFaqs is practically akin to trigonometry.

Hence why YouTube has been such a tremendous asset. And as noted yesterday, not only is Atlus great at promoting their games, but also unlocking their secrets. As Joystiq points out, they've created a YouTube playlist that details all the special moves for the cast of King of Fighters XIII.

There's only nine fighters represented thus far, but the rest of the cast should hopefully follow soon. And sadly, only regular super moves are accounted for, no complex combos, like Hyperdrive specials. But again, perhaps those are forthcoming as well? Atlus doesn't seem like the type of folks to skip such stuff.