Cheetahmen II is a lot of things. It's one of two titles developed by Active Enterprises, creator of the infamously terrible Action 52. It's one of the rarest Nintendo Entertainment System games, and is quite possibly the single worst title in the system's library. It also has unusually catchy theme music, leading to a recent and inexplicable rise to memetic superstardom in Japan.

Only thing it isn't, though, is finishable. If you're playing one of the few Cheetahmen II cartridges in existence, the game will end at the fourth level. After the stage's boss is defeated (or scrolled off the screen), gameplay will not progress unless a rare glitch occurs, and even in that case, the game's final boss never appears during normal gameplay.

A new ROM hack released by PacoChan corrects all of these errors, making the game finishable for the first time ever. The patch also fixes a number of other issues with the game, ranging from graphical glitches to spelling mistakes. Eighteen years after its (intended) release, Cheetahmen II can finally be played as Active Enterprises intended it to be played...had it been competently coded.

PacoChan also released a Spanish translation for the game, which incorporates all of the improvements from the bugfix patch. No matter which version you play, be sure to catch up on the intricate backstory beforehand.