Even if you won't be able to check out Super iam8bit's month-long show of video game-ispired art, you shouldn't worry too much about missing the works on display, as most of them end up appearing online, like this series from Alex Lewis (the same chap who made these).

The London-based designer and illustrator created several mash-ups of famous paintings and old adventure games, like the one above, titled "Just Another Sleazy Joint", which remixes Edward Hopper's notable "Nighthawks" work with Leisure Suit Larry.

Lewis is selling signed limited edition prints, 60 of each, at Super iam8bit (presumably, the will appear on the group's online shop later). For now, you can admire the rest after the break:

"How Appropriate. You Fight Like A Post-Impressionist"

"Indiana Jones and the Persistence of Memory"

"Divine Intervention"