We've seen videos that document the now dearly departed New York City's Chinatown Fair arcade already (with a full length effort still in production). Well, here's another; simply named Chinatown Fair, much is covered in just over ten minutes. The strength of any documentary about the glory days of anything ultimately depends upon those spinning the tales, and this particular one excels in that department.

Sure we hear a lot of what's been said already, but it also brings up something totally new (at least to my knowledge). Specifically the arcade's seedier days, when it was a hangout for Chinese gang member. Why no one else seems willing to approach this part of history is beyond me; it's only lightly brushed upon, for only a few seconds, but it's something.

We also get a nice little part in which former regulars recall the wretched stench that used to permeate, with a certain degree of finger pointing towards the "sweaty ass DDR players". There's a mixture of footage from the old spot and the new one, Next Level Arcade. Which includes a good look at the still work in progress establishment, plus some words of wisdom from its chief architect, Henry Cen.

Overall, a very tight and comprehensive look by Mark Hayes. One that others that hope to do something similar could learn a few cues from.

[via NCSX]