Most educational games stick to (relatively) safe topics, like economics or the environment. Gray areas, like moral or philosophical concerns, are only lightly addressed, never head on. Something that Preloaded and Channel 4 are daring to do with The End. The aim is to help UK teens deal with the complicated balancing act of addressing both faith and science. It is hoped that discussion will result, especially among those who have a secular upbringing.

The player must utilize a "shadow 'n' light " mechanic to solve physics based puzzles that adorn the three game worlds, Mind Boy, and Spirit. Along the way, viewpoints from noted thinkers will be presented, such as Gandhi and Einstein, to provide inside into what a player might be pondering. The ultimate goal is to conquer the assorted Guardians and collect "Death Objects", which also conjures up notions of ideology and identity. They range from a diamond, to a human heart, even a helmet that Evel Knievel might wear!

The game is not ready yet, but it's coming quite soon. It'll be a free to play, browser based affair. For import information, check out the homepage.

[via Kotaku]