What better day than the eve of America's independence to talk about a game that combines anime girls and World War II machinery? Moe Moe Niji Taisen, which has been on the PC, DS, PSP and PS2, is now headed toward the iPhone and iPad. Screenshots can be found after the cut.

No word yet of an Xbox 360 release, where a title based upon Strike Witches, the anime that directly inspired Moe Moe Niji Taisen (though for whatever reasons, Moe Moe's girls aren't part animals and they also wear pants, unlike their inspirations), was so bad that many believe it contributed to the rapid downturn in the franchise's popularity. And what better chance for the student to become the master?

Meanwhile, a sequel is on the way for PSP; Moe Moe Daisensou Gendaiba-n Plus (trailer above) takes place during modern times, with a focus on the Iran-Iraq War from the 80s, and the mechanized girls reflect this.





[via Siliconera]